Rafting Blue-Adventure

River Tāmega down stream on rubber boats  (Rafts) de 7/9 seats, with a 10, 20 or 30 Km extension.

Rafting Yellow-Explorer

River Tāmega down stream on rubber boats (Zebros) 2 seated, with a 20 Km extension, all together with other activities such as bicycle all terrain, obstacles with ropes (namely Rappel)

Rafting School

Includes theoretical and practical approaches on how to near the river, manoeuvre, utility and maintenance of equipment, behaviour on water, first aid assistance, survival and orientation.

Tāmega Expedition, Basto Challenger and Inside Nature

Activities subject to specific regulations due to their competitive nature (challangers). These activities are subject as well to various themes such as: River, Mountain Biking and Motor All Terrain.

Mountain Biking

Route that can go as much as 50 Km extension / Type Marathon Raid and Down Hill.

Bicycle All Terrain

Includes theoretical and practical approaches on subjects such as: The man and the bicycle, Physical Exerceices, Effort Management, Eating and liquid ingestion, Cardiac Control, Equipment and its use, Careful concerns with sun exposure, Survival, First aid assistance, and Orinetation.


Incursions with or without wheels on the rivers Ōlo and Cabril.


The region of Basto is one of the most beautiful places for hiking and with Rumos de Basto you can confirm any doubts that you may still have.

Motor All Terrain

Trial routes on land surface, with various levels of technical difficulty. It takes place on the highest points of the region passing by very old villages.

Obstacles with ropes

Rappel, Slide, Escalade, etc.


Costs will comprise warranty, necessary equipment and camping material, if this is your choice for lodging.

Clients are obliged to send to Rumos de Basto, 48 hours before the agreed date for starting the activities, a complete list of the participants names to ensure that the APG warranty is issued.

Reservations are accepted only until 8 days before the expected date of the adventure - the exact time when payment should be done to «Rumos de Basto, Lda.»