Douro´s Railway is no doubt the most beautiful railtour in Portugal. It is almost the only way to enjoy the wonderful landscape of the "Douro Valley" from Pala to Pocinho. Traveling in the "Historical Trains" on renovated carriages of the beginning of the century, you will be able not only to admire these amazing views, but also to feel the real conditions in which our grandparents had to travel in those days.

From Livração to Régua, we can enjoy the steep way down to the river Douro with its several tunnels and bridges, ending with a magnificent view of the river in Pala.

The line follows to Régua, Pinhão and Tua, crossing the wine-producing region, where a lot of farms with their beautiful vineyards can be seen. From Tua to Pocinho, the train goes beyond Valeira´s dam with its steep narrow paths. Then the train crosses to the left bank of the river over an impressive bridge, and from here till the end of the journey, the landscape is now wider and the vineyards give place to the olive tree.

"Douro´s Line" has 203 Km of extension and is developed in its great part along banks of the river Douro. Nowadays this line goes from Oporto to Pocinho.

It was finished in 1887, after twelve years of intense works, having to break a great number of natural accidents, proved by the existence of 26 tunnels and 30 bridges on this line.

In "Douro´s Line", carriages have open platforms as well as wooden interiors and guillotine windows; one was built in Portugal (1934) and the other by Nicaise & Celcuve - Belgium (1908), being towed by the magnificent diesel locomotive number 1424, manufactured by English Electric and Sorefame - Portugal in 1967.

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Every Saturday from the 27th of May to the 14th of October.



The journey of the Historical Trains in the Corgo´s Line made from Régua to Vila Real gives the chance to admire a fine landscape developed on the left bank of the river Corgo, where farms and vineyards can be found everywhere. All these itineraries are made in carriages of the beginning of the century towed by an impressive diesel locomotive. 

Corgo´s Line connects nowadays Régua to Vila Real where it arrived in 1906. The branch line from Régua to Vila Real bends a difference of level of 360 meters in 26 Km, going along the river Corgo on its left bank.

The Historical Train in this line is composed by three carriages: one built in Man - Germany (1926), another in Belgium by Nivelles Garages (1908) and the third in Portugal (1913), being towed by a diesel locomotive number 9004 built by Alsthom, the first one bought for this line to substitute the existing steam engines.

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