Religious/Popular Festival of Saint Brás - 3rd (1st week of the month)

Takes place in Campelo and is known for its tremendous religious weight, attracting many believers from faraway places and joining them around the Saint Brás Chapel. This is also the occasion (and the place) when pilgrims taste the famous local (near a very well known ridge of mountains) pork pie. Another curious tradition that still remains is an old custom that goes on after the religious celebration which consists on a gathering around the churchyard where people dance and sing.


Religious Festival of the "Corpo de Deus" (Gods Body) - 14th (60 days after Easter)

Takes place in Ancede and is known for the presence of every parishs cross in the council.


Religious Festival of Saint Marinha do Zêzere - 14th (3rd Saturday of the month)

Takes place in Santa Marinha do Zêzere and is known for its great procession.


Pilgrimage of Saint Bartholomeo - 17th until the 23rd

Takes place in Campelo, and is known for its economical importance, specially at a local and regional level with an exhibit of bovine, ovine and swinish cattle (23rd) as well as horses (24th). There is also an exhibit of agricultural and workmanships features. One of the most eagered events is the bullfight - "Vara Larga" - a very ancient costume which comes from the Ovil parish. There is also a variety of entertainment features, caravans with traditional food and beverage as well as sweet food and foreign products.

Annual Fair - 24th

Takes place in Baião