Pilgrimage in Honor of Our Lady of Piety - 12th (always on the 2nd Sunday of August)
This is the most important procession in the council (Alijó-Sanfins do Douro) and vicinities. The most particular and interesting feature is the way people are selected to carry the Saints statue (standing up on a wooden framework) in the procession: the highest bidder is whom who is chosen to carry it.
Popular festival of "Vila Santa Maria Maior" - 15th

It is a popular festival characterized for its dynamic and commercial features, almost like a fun festival. It goes on simultaneously with the "Feira Franca"(fair).


Pilgrimage in Honor of Saint Euphemia or Our Lady of Grace - 2nd (1st Sunday of September)

Religious celebrations with a procession in Săo Mamede de Ribauta´s parish. It is known for its nocturnal open-air popular festival with fireworks, dances and songs.