Popular Festival of Saint "Gonçalo" - on the 10th (if it coincides with a weekly day it is transfered to the next Sunday)

It is a religious festival that takes place in Amarante.


Religious/Popular Festival of Saint Brás - 2nd and 3rd (1st Saturday of February)

It takes place in Telões and is known for its fireworks as well as the procession and the cattle fair.


Religious/Popular Festival of Saint "Gonçalo" -  1st weekend

It takes place in Amarante and is known to be as an emblematic Religious/Popular festival. Again it is Saint "Gonçalo" (a portuguese saint from the 13th century) the patron, who was consacrated by Amarante´s people as the match-making saint and its cult being associated to fertility. In Amarante single women still have the habit/costume of hugging the saint and requesting a good husband. Simultaneously there are also other events taking place such as an annual fair, a folklore festival, a contest of bass drums, a bullfight, a cattle-breeder contest and fireworks.


Religious/Popular Festival of Our Lady of the Meadow - 28th and 29th (last weekend of July)

It takes place in Gouveia and is known for its folk and bass drum bands as well as regional confectioner´s shop delicacies.


Religious/Popular Festival of the Immaculate Conception - 8th

It takes place in Figueiró. It is known for its windows lited with candells during the evening as well as the many bonfires where people gather around to sing.